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building and strengthening the bc family

What are BC Family Ministries?
It is the local missions and outreach arm of The Church at Buffalo Creek. This multifaceted initiative seeks to create a multiethnic, Gospel-centered church family that serves greater Rockwall and Kaufman counties.

The initiative includes:
Community Engagement
Gospel-centered service work in our communities that opens the door for people to know Christ and to become a part of The Church at Buffalo Creek. We currently partner with local school districts, community justice ministries and pregnancy resource centers as part of this work.

Adoption // Orphan Care
Partnership with local child-placement agencies to train foster parents, provide respite care, and encouraging families to pursue domestic and international adoption to lessen the number of orphaned children in the world.

Racial Reconciliation
Engaging in transparent conversations about systemic racism and how to combat it. We welcome dialogue across racial lines to create a multiethnic, Gospel-centered church that welcomes people from all races and walks of life. 

Family Preservation/Unification
Strengthening families by providing counseling support, pastoral care, and lifestyle training. Our goal is to see Gospel-centered families rise up to be healthy disciples and active Kingdom workers in their communities. 

Lifestyle Training
Educating people to break the cycles of oppression due to poverty, fatherlessness and homelessness. We partner with local businesses and individuals to provide financial planning, employment and lifestyle training to raise up men and women who will break out of the cycles of oppression. 

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