June 21-28, 2017

The Church at Buffalo Creek is partnering with Mission of Hope - Haiti - June 21-28 2017. This trip is open to any participant. Any participant aged 17 and younger must travel with an adult or have an authorization signed by a parent or legal guardian to travel with The Church at Buffalo Creek.

What Are We Doing?

C@BC is sending a team to partner with Mission of Hope. Projects include Vacation Bible School, food distribution, village work (partner in local village to build water wells, general construction), medical team, and education in local village schools.

How Much Does it Cost?

$1800 per person (adult) and $1500 per person (children age 12 and under). This includes all airfare, transportation, lodging and meals. It does not include passport, vaccinations, souvenirs, travel day food (2 meals) or snacks.

$150 payment (nonrefundable) is due November 15th

$150 payment is due December 31st

$300 monthly payment due on the 15th of each month (January-April)

Final payment due May 5th*

*If all payments made by the due date, adult final payment is $300. Children will be paid in full with the April 15th payment

* C@BC can assist with letter writing or social media campaigns for fundraising.

* Once airfare is purchased, ticket is non-refundable and belongs to the traveler. Any monies paid to C@BC are non-refundable but can be used for future C@BC missions by the participant or his/her designee.

Click the link below to support our Haiti team!


If you are interested in registering for this trip, use the link below. You can find more details as well as a signup page. Email us if you have any questions.